Let's Look at the 2018 Ford C-MAX Technology Features

If you are looking for a new compact hybrid, then you should check out the 2018 Ford C-MAX. The C-MAX is noted for having numerous features that make it a popular choice among consumers wanting a hybrid vehicle. To gain a better understanding of what the 2018 C-MAX has to offer, read our summary of a few technology features that are included with the model.

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Versatile Storage in the 2018 Ford F-150

While the 2018 Ford F-150 has plenty of hauling and towing capabilities, you'll also find a wealth of storage possibilities inside the cabin. This popular full-sized pickup truck is available with a spacious cabin that has all the room you'd need to store the essentials.

Ford has strategically engineered the F-150 to include as many spaces for storage as possible. 

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The Convenient Interior Features of the Ford Fiesta ST

The Ford Fiesta ST is a hatchback that is designed for top performance. This is a vehicle with a lot of pickup. The Ford Fiesta ST may be a subcompact, but there is still room to seat five people comfortably. The hatchback feature is great for loading and unloading cargo.

The interior of the Ford Fiesta ST is designed with some nice conveniences.

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What Are You Looking For In Your Next SUV?

Comfort and use play a large role when choosing the type of vehicle that you plan to purchase next. If a pleasant drive and capability features are what you seek, then you are in need of an SUV. The 2018 Ford Edge seeks to be your final choice by offering a useful feature set.

When you step into the 2018 Ford Edge, you will discover that it has many features that may make it the right choice for you. It comes with an intelligent AWD that helps to keep you in control of the regardless of road conditions or weather…

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Exploring the Road in Your New Ford Escape

The road ahead can have unexpected twists and turns, and our team here at Ford of Smithtown understands how important it is to have your vehicle prepared for what the road throws at you. With a variety of features under the hood, this popular compact SUV can help you stay prepared.

The 2018 Ford Escape has three different engine models available to match your particular driving style. On two of the three options, EcoBoost gives you a balance between raw power and fuel efficiency. 

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Climb Behind the Wheel of the New Ford EcoSport

Choosing a compact SUV shouldn’t mean that you make sacrifices on the performance and power you come to expect from an AWD vehicle. Our team here at Ford of Smithtown understand how important it is to find a SUV you can rely on and we’d like to intro this popular compact SUV.

Is your AWD system intelligent? Available for the 2018 EcoBoost, you can equip an intelligent 4WD system that monitors and adapts to the changing road conditions. It works by using a series of sensors that measure torque in each of the wheels and sends the power…

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Embrace the Road Ahead in Your 2018 Focus Electric

When selecting a new electric vehicle, what features do you look for the most? We here at Ford of Smithtown understand how important it is to find the right vehicle for your style, and would like to introduce this popular compact EV.

The 2018 Focus Electric comes equipped with a liquid cooled lithium-ion battery that provides power to the EV for a top speed of 84 mph, and with the right home charging station, you can be fully charged in under six hours. 


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The Tech Available in The All New Ford Taurus Is Second to None

The Ford Taurus is a sedan that has been a leader in its class for decades. With industry leading styling, safety, comfort, quality, and reliability, it is no wonder that drivers still flock to this car to be their main mode of transportation for their family.

Drivers of the all new Taurus are also going to enjoy all of the cutting edge technology that is available for this car in 2018 as well, including:

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Car Battery Assessments

Do you need to assess your car battery? Finding out your vehicle's battery charge isn't as hard as you may think. You can do so with the assistance of a voltmeter. Just be sure that your ignition isn't on before you begin anything. Then do away with the positive terminal cover for your battery.

Link the red positive lead for the voltmeter to your battery's positive one. 

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